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Tampa exhaust and hood cleaning services.

Nova Services Florida are your go-to guys for cleaning. We are conveniently located in the city of Tampa, Florida and serve all the communities of the Tampa Bay area. Nova Services Florida gives high quality service to restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, hospitals, country clubs, daycare centers, office building cafeterias, caterers, and grocery stores. The items that we clean mainly include, but are not limited to, kitchen exhaust systems and hoods.

To elaborate further, we offer our services in cleaning the following:

It becomes necessary to pay very close attention to the kitchen when running a cooking or food service related company. This is also true when you have a facility that must provide meals for your clients, customers, residents and guests. Both health and safety are essential concerns while such a business where cooking is done regularly and on a large, commercial scale.

Kitchen Fryers Cleaning

Clean fryers will ensure that the food that is cooked within them has the correct taste. Remnants from past meals that have already been cooked can be very unappealing. A fresh new taste can remain with the food only if the equipment used in preparing it remains properly maintained. Cleaning also will mean that the fryer will stay in good working order for as long as possible.

Oven cleaning

Sustaining an oven can be difficult. It is the center around which the entire kitchen functions. It will usually be the most heavily used piece of equipment that you have in your kitchen. Grease, food, and carbon build up are the primary problems that must be addressed when one is seeking to effectively clean this item after buildup and spillovers occur. 

Grills Cleaning

Grills are good for good burning with a high amount of heat. When kept clean, a grill can give your foods a nice clean taste that is not influenced or contaminated with the various flavors of past dishes. Regular care and attention will make your grill an effective tool in cooking.

Grease filled filters of ovens and ranges

This device is important to maintain and clean due to its use in filtering the air that is circulated by oven fans. It is essential in allowing you to cook multiple items. Pressure wash is the best way to deal with these, and we are there to take care of the job for you.

Grease drip pans

These stove top components are designed specifically to collect the food debris and grease that is inevitably spilt during the process of cooking the many dishes that must be prepared on a daily basis. Due to the high levels of heat involved, this food can easily get firmly stuck onto the drip pan and become very difficult to remove completely. However, it must be cleaned properly so as not to allow for a fire hazard, due to the potential for accumulations of grease to ignite in flame. Not only is cleaning important for the aesthetics and healthy clean looks that it gives to your equipment, but it is also a vital safety concern.

Kitchen Hood cleaning

This can often be one of the most difficult processes. Hopefully, the user will attend to it regularly and therefore not allow the severe build-up of a lot of grease in the first place. Vigilant care must be given due to the tendency for high levels of both heat and vapor to drift upward and leave residues which gather over even a short amount of time. Both grease and food mixed together can eventually for a rather thick layer of filth that must be taken care of in order to insure the efficiency, safety, and cleanliness of a kitchen.

Restaurant's Exhaust system cleaning

This should be done about once every three months if you do an average amount of cooking. However, if you are a fast food restaurant, you are probably gathering a heavier amount of grease in your exhaust. If you notice that you are then a cleaning can be done once every month in order for you to stay in good condition. A large amount of charbroiling is another activity that will likely necessitate the regular cleaning of your exhaust.

Ceilings and walls Cleaning

The process of cooking in kitchens can not only be harsh on cooking equipment. The environment that plays host to the equipment can also suffer from dirt, debris, steam, stains, and the buildup of grease. That is why it is routinely necessary for walls and ceilings to be shown some attention. Not only does this allow for the continuance of a pleasant atmosphere to work in, but it is also sanitary.

Walk in coolers Cleaning

Even though you may have a huge, metal walk in cooler that looks indestructible and self sustaining, the truth is that you will also have to take plenty of measures to make sure that it too is kept in proper condition. The door gaskets and the hinges and rubber components of a walk in cooler can rot, especially when food is caked on them. Aside from that, the insides of these coolers should be in good condition for the storage of food.

Freezer cleaning

A freezer should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year. Often, Spring and Fall are good times to carry out this task. Cleaning a freezer helps to make sure that various food deposits do not accumulate over time and that any items that are not needed or that should be discarded can be removed.

Other important types of cleaning

Aside from the most obvious and immediate cleaning tasks, there are also others that should not be over looked. The cleaning of parking lots, drive thru cleaning, maintenance of driveways and sidewalks, roof cleaning, dumpster area power washing, stack cleaning and the cleaning of warmers can also be vital to keeping a well sanitized and attractive look. Universe Services Florida takes pride in offering services out of their Tampa, Florida offices that extend to the entire Tampa Bay area. Our willingness to serve and the many services that we offer is why Universe Services Florida remains as your best choice to take care of all your cleaning needs.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning, Tampa Bay Florida